We have seen many devastated people who do not know what to do or where to go because they just cannot handle the losses they incurred due to water damage on their property. Many of them end up in confusion and this affects their lives as well as their businesses. This is the reason why we offer all the public adjustment services to people in such a situation. Our desire is to make sure that even as you deal with the aftermath of the disaster, your life and business remain on course because there always is an opportunity to bounce back from such situations. Here is precisely what we will do in case of water damage.

Assessing the damage

The level of damage is of great importance in this case and so, we will start by assessing the number of things that have been destroyed. There always is a big difference in the kinds of damages that can be caused by water. This depends on things such as the amount of water that was involved. For instance, the property that can be destroyed in a flood may be much bigger than that which was destroyed in a storm. You therefore need to know the level of damage before doing anything else.

Check your insurance policy

We also take time to asses your insurance policy so as to see what exactly it covers. We need to make sure that indeed, the policy that you have been paying for covers the kinds of risks that are involved in this situation. This helps you to understand exactly what you are eligible to get and what you cannot lay claim on. It is good to do this because it helps you to avoid operation in the dark and doing things blindly.

Contact the insurance company

One of the things that we have noted about our clients who have suffered from water damages is that they do not know how to initiate contact with their insurance companies. Some of them even panic and end up losing on things that they would have found easily. In fact, there are those who end up not making claims at all despite the fact that they have been paying for an insurance policy. In this case, you can count on us to contact your insurer and inform them of the disaster that has befallen you and your business.

Filing claims

We do not just contact the insurance company and leave it at that. Of course, we know that filing claims is the other major hurdle. When it comes to this, we will help you to document all the losses and the evidence needed to convince the insurer that indeed, you are qualified for compensation. With our services, we make this process very simple and fast because we understand that the most important thing is to restore your business back to its glory as fast as possible.

Restore your property

The next thing that we do to help you overcome the losses brought about by water damages is to help you restore your property. We will assist in securing the best services, materials and support that you require in order to do this. We have access to some of the best contractors in the market and so, you can be sure that depending on the nature of your property, we will be able to find the ones who best suit you. We also know how to secure the best materials for this purpose. This we do with urgency in order to avoid losing any more time considering that you have already wasted too much due to the losses.

Our services are not just the ordinary things that other people do. With our commitment, you can be sure that even as the water causes havoc to your business, nothing will stop you from bouncing back. We have in the past seen people going to unreliable adjusters and in the end; they got nothing out of their efforts. This is something that can have far reaching consequences. This is the reason why we have invested in the best skilled and talented staff to make sure that no matter how complex your situation may be, you do not suffer necessarily