Does your insurance only want to cover part of your roof leak claim?

There are many factors that can cause leaks in your roof. In Florida, the major culprits being hurricanes, heat, corrosion, and insects. Sometimes, old roofs get patched when in reality they need to be replaced. Insurance companies deny payments, claiming the roof can be repaired, when in reality, a professional roofer will tell you the life of the roof is clearly over.

For most homeowners, properly finding and documenting roof leaks is difficult to impossible. In some cases, the leaks are not visible with your naked eye as the water filtrates in many various points and travels through the roof systems, finally causing damage in a totally different spot. Finding the right way to locate these leaks can be hard when you don’t know the right methods to do so. If you need to thoroughly document for insurance purposes, you want to give us a call.

The professionals at Stellar Adjusting have the proper tools to detect and correct this problem. You can rely on our expertise, skills and experience to detect and document your roof leaks. Professional detection is very important, especially if you are planning to file a claim with your insurance company.

We use proven technology to locate hidden leaks on your roof. You can rely on the quality of our procedures. Our public adjusters are trying to use some different processes to detect the leak source on your roof. We are going to provide evidence of any leaks that may occur on the roof. Our professional technicians are ready to give you some correction ideas that you can use easily. These corrective actions are very useful to repair some leaks that may happen in your house, including your roof. You can also ask our professional adjusters to estimate the total cost for repairing these leaks.

Has the insurance company dismissed your claims? We use cutting edge leak detection technology to find and document your leaks. With technologies like tracer gas, thermal imaging and acoustic testing to document your leaks in an irrefutable report, insurance companies wont be able to ignore you anymore.

Stellar Adjusting Florida is committed to protecting your interests. We have processed many roof leak claims in the past, and we’ve successfully collected from all major insurance companies in Florida. Let us help your case be heard and get back what yours.