According to the Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability in Florida, those who hire public adjusters receive 574% more on their insurance claims. That’s a very important statistic to keep in mind when it comes to hurricane insurance, because Florida is prone to them. While some properties are able to make it through a big storm without any damage, hurricane are known for being disastrous especially to property owners, often leaving not much of a home in its wake.

Even when a hurricane isn’t so severe, there can be at least some damage done. Wise property owners are careful to get hurricane insurance to protect themselves against loss, but insurance companies always have their own best interest at heart.

Florida: A State Prone to Hurricanes

Hurricanes in Florida are known for causing millions, even billions of dollars in property damage. One of Florida’s most expensive hurricanes was Hurricane Andrew in 1992. This storm caused approximately $26.5 billion dollars in damage. South Florida received the majority of that damage.

Why does Florida get hurricanes? It’s the location. Florida is surrounded by a warm ocean and is located in a tropical to subtropical region. Climate conditions leaves the state vulnerable during all 6 months of the hurricane season.

While it’s true that years can pass without a hurricane hitting the Sunshine State, there’s no telling when the year will come that a hurricane does hit. The damage that results can eat into the financial status of property owners.

Hurricane insurance it designed to act as a buffer, helping to protect the policy holder’s financial stability, but how the claim is handled can have a big impact on just how helpful an insurance policy proves to be.

Hurricane Property Damage: Will You Recover All That’s Due to You?

Insurance companies do property owners a great service. Without them, there would be no protection allowing the peace of mind having insurance gives. Even if the property owner is able to afford the cost of repair, they still are left at a significant financial loss. However, insurance companies aren’t quick in handing over all the funds a policy holder may be due for their claim. That’s where public adjusters come in handy.

Benefits of Hiring a Public Adjuster

As insurance claim specialists, public adjusters are experts in interpreting insurance policies. They can help to uncover what damages can be claimed and what it will take in order for a claim to be successful.

When the adjuster is hired, they assess the property damage in order to identify the total cost of repairs. The public adjuster then negotiates with the insurance company on behalf of their client, working on the side of the homeowner until the claim is finally settled.

Throughout the entire process, the public adjuster works to get the client as much funds from the insurance claim as possible. This is opposite of the insurance company, which seeks to pay out as small of an amount as they can.

When assessing the damage, the public adjuster is thorough in order to ensure that all damages get itemized and that nothing which can be successful claimed is left out. They also investigate the cost of the repairs carefully so that the amount estimated is as accurate as possible. Moreover, public adjusters are wise negotiators when it comes to dealing with the insurance company, working to get their client the most beneficial settlement.

Due to their experience, knowledge, and training, public adjusters are more effective in getting higher amounts of funds from insurance companies than policy holders. The result is that the homeowner can get the money they need to recover from hurricane damage swiftly and get on with their lives.

Choosing the Best Florida Hurricane Insurance Public Adjuster

While all public adjusters have the same responsibilities to their client, not all of them are the most effective. The public adjuster an insurance policy holder chooses has a big impact on the outcome of their claim. When it comes to hurricanes, Florida homeowners are greatly benefited by choosing the adjuster that has experience with hurricane damage claims and are passionate about the job.

With the right public adjuster, recovery from the disaster hurricanes cause is made much easier. Homeowners are left in a better financial state than they would otherwise be. If your property has been damaged by a hurricane, you’re facing an insurance claim, and you desire the best possible outcome, contact us today.