How A Public Adjuster Can Help You Get Whats Yours

It usually happens when you least expect it. It always happens to somebody else. This time, it happened to you. You have suffered a loss and now you have to deal with the insurance at one of the most stressful times of your life. Even worse, you found out that the fine print in your policy does not protect you, it protects your insurance company. Do not fret that you’ll have to settle for anything less than what you are entitled to. We can help.

Most people are not out to milk an insurance claim. They actually just want things brought back to normal. This is why they purchased the homeowner insurance policy. That said, the problem that most homeowners face is the fact that many times they will file a claim and still not get a fair settlement. This is why it is important to hire a public adjuster. The public adjuster represents the insured, not the insurance company. Even if your insurance company has already sent an adjuster out to assess the damage, it is beneficial to have own public adjuster to do the same. The hired adjuster actually takes the burden of loss seriously and work hard to prove and uncover all of your losses.

Stellar Public Adjusting, located in Florida, is a full-service public adjusting firm. When we say we can get you more on your insurance claim, be sure we are not out there to squeeze your insurance company. We are capable of representing an insured in several types of losses that can occur in virtually any type of property covered under an insurance policy. Below are discussed types of losses we have experience in dealing with.

Fire Damage Claims

Fire departments throughout the United States respond to nearly 1.5 million fires each year. These fires cause property damage exceeding nine billion dollars annually. When a fire strikes, lives are turned upside down instantly. As your advocate, we will ensure that both you and your damaged property claim are treated fairly by the insurance company. We will help secure your property, make a list of all the items you lost, make a digital record of the property damage, thoroughly inspect the property and finally – assert your rights to full and fair payment.

Mold and Mildew Claims

Mold often develops after a home sustains water damage or leakage. Mold is an insidious type of fungus that can cause a harm or even severely damage the actual contents and structure of your home and property. Mold can also cause health problems. If you discover your home has mold, the Stellar Public Adjusting company will assign the most qualified and experienced adjusters to your case to guide you through the claims and proper recovery process. In other words, we will help you receive the insurance settlement you deserve and make sure the process is not as harrowing as you were to attempt to manage it on your own.

Wind Damage

With our headquarters in Florida, we are all too familiar with storm damage. At Stellar Public Adjusting we understand the effects that a storm can have on a property and on the lives of everyone involved. After the storm damage occurs, most insurance companies do not automatically pay money to their policyholders. Actually, most insurance companies will employ a team of adjusters to try to deny your claim and to pay you as little compensation as possible for the damage. However, at Stellar Public Adjusting we are specialized in helping our clients receive the hurricane claim money they actually deserve.

Water Damage Claims

If your home or property has sustained water damage and you are now drowning in the paperwork and headaches associated with clean up and your insurance company, Stellar Public Adjusting can help. That said, whether you call in a water damage expert or do the cleanup yourself, it is important to first document everything and account for all the damage.

Not only we deal with fire or water damage, we also have experience in dealing with earthquakes, robbery, rain damage, plumbing leaks, vandalism and smoke damage. That said, when disaster strikes, before you speak to your insurance company, speak to us. Our company is based upon honesty, loyalty and integrity. Call today to schedule a free consultation.

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